Return on Enjoyment


The Return is powerful

Besides owning a modern, luxuriously designed and crafted tiny home that you will enjoy both as private sanctuary and a place to welcome friends and family. MutualWin LLC has designed your property as an investment that maximizes the sharing economy's revenue potential.  Finally, we believe that the town of Warrenton has tremendous upside on property value and we conservatively forecast 5% per year appreciation on your purchase.

Based on these numbers, we forecast a range of 13% to 18% yearly return on your investment. 

Description   Per Transaction   Frequency  Total Notes
 Airbnb Rental $130 100 $13,000 100 days a year occupancy rate of 27%
Appreciation $5,225 1 $5,225 Estimated appreaction at 5% on $104.5k.

No Hassle Airbnb Management Option

Build your Tiny Home and we will rent it and manage it for you.

Rent: $130/Night (average)

Occupancy: 10 Nights a month (average)

Management Fee: 33%

Total Income after fees: $10,400 / Year