Return on Enjoyment


The Return is powerful

Besides owning a modern, luxuriously designed and crafted tiny home that you will enjoy both as private sanctuary and a place to welcome friends and family. MutualWin LLC has designed your property as an investment that maximizes the sharing economy's revenue potential.  This includes renting out on Airbnb and Weddings/Events booked through the HOA which pays owners $100 each day there is limited access to the common areas.  Finally, we believe that the town of Warrenton has tremendous upside on property value and we conservatively forecast 5% per year appreciation on your purchase.

Based on these numbers, we forecast a range of 13% to 18% yearly return on your investment. 

Description   Per Transaction   Frequency  Total Notes
 Airbnb Rental $130 100 $13,000 100 days a year occupancy rate of 27%
 Weddings/Events $100 12 $1,200 One Day Wedding/Event per Month
Appreciation $5,225 1 $5,225 Estimated appreaction at 5% on $104.5k.